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Build An Online Classifieds App with Carousell script

Carousell app since its inception on 2012 has punched above its expectation in the industry of online business with online classifieds app.

As of April 2018, reports suggests that

  • Carousell app in the online classified business has raised 126.8 millions of funding.
  • Have around 13 millions of active monthly users.
  • On top 20 sites in Singapore- Headquarter country.
  • 144+ million listings.
  •  Have user base of 5, 72, 085.

All their founders were working as an intern on silicon valley, and they were very passionate about technology and were in same rhythm at their final days on high school( So called college in Singapore). They thought of creating a marketplace to sell used goods, then created its prototype, demoed it on just 54 hours of time and later they found that to be something special one and was solving problems for many, told by one of its founder Mr. Siu Rui Quek.

Further down, there is an immediate solution for your ideas of starting an online classifieds business.

So Carousell app provided an easy marketplace for any number of sellers/buyers to buy/sell their products . Founders of Carousell were aided by fast growth of technology and they hand picked the features to be placed in their app and made it simple for ecommerce trade.

Focus-  On your ideas of online classifieds business

Take a good look at Carousell app that it made good inroads in its local market of its founding country, Singapore. Yes, in short span of time it has acquired a place in the top 20 sites of Singapore.

Joysale is a readily available online classifieds app by Appkodes, which enables you to start your classifieds ads business immediately and helps in capturing your local market swiftly.Build An Online Classifieds App with Carousell script

Friendly features on Joysale for sellers

  • Ad and Urgent promotions.
  • Accept and deny offers on a click.
  • Brief space for detailing products.
  • Image and location sharing.
  • Multiple languages.
  • Multiple currencies to cover buyers from different countries.

Features for buyers

  • Instant live chat with seller.
  • Make an offer.
  • Exchange to buy.
  • User verification.
  • Advanced search filter.
  • Social activities.


Joysale is the best solution on your ideas for instant development of online classifieds app. Joysale is a readily available app on all platforms (web, ios, android) to help you start your online classifieds business immediately.

If you are need of a real good, readily available app that is having attractive design, amazing features and can be easily customized for online classifieds business, then you can blindfoldedly pick up Joysale app from Appkodes.


Introduce Yourself In The Industry With An Amazing Buy And Sell Script

This idea of online business with buy and sell script is not a new one among entrepreneurs. But it purely depends upon the way which it is done. So, if you have an idea for an online business with classifieds ads application, then first your thoughts should be on how you can distinguish your script from prevailing apps in the market. And the market and audience you are going to target.

Buy and sell


Initially, you would have some ideas and structure for your business, but by digging it deep before launching those ideas into reality you may end up on a different side. So in order to be clear about your purpose for business, have your ideas listed.

Online business in this day is nothing without an attractive application to help your purpose.

So list your needs, which your app should fulfill. Those may be

  • Have a good and attractive space for listing the products.
  • Promotion of products and at the same time promote yourself online.
  • Reach target audience at ease.
  • Should own you a place in your local market.
  • Should attract more users and build a good customer base.
  • Provide you a secure and reliable platform for business.

So above are some requirements that will match your ideas for classifieds ads business. You can add your ideas to these requirements to bring up an amazing script for your business.

Feel lucky with clone app

How would you feel if you could find a script that is matching all your ideas and requirements for business? Clone script from predominantly successful apps like Carousell, Wallapop, Happysale, etc in this classifieds ads business, can help you with your requirements for business. These apps are proven customers in the world of online business. So opting for a clone of this app for your business will be a risk-free, time and cost saving idea.

Many can design and develop the clone script for your ideas. But the ball is in your court to select a right one that will perfectly match your ideas. Your selection may purely depend on the script, that has

  • Attractive design with best UI.
  • Good business model
  • Amazing performance with great features.
  • Reliable and secure script with good revenue generation methods.

Source for all your need

If the success is eluding you even when you are coming up with great ideas, then Appkodes could give you a right solution to turn your every idea for a business into a great success.


Now for your online classifieds ads business, Appkodes have a readymade clone script in the name of Joysale. Joysale is the best buy and sell script available on the market today. Features of Joysale can meet all your ideas and fulfill your every requirement in classifieds ads business. If you have any alternative ideas to implement in your business, then Joysale is wide open for customization to inlay all your ideas. Joysale could be that perfect script you were searching to start your business.

What is classifieds script and how does it work?

joysaleA classified script is an idea to build the online classified ads site. The best example of a classified script is the successful online classifieds site like Shpock, Letgo, Wallapop, happy sale. These online classified sites enable the buy/sell options for multiple users. The main users of this application are people who look to sell or buy the used products. People who are thriving to buy used products will look upon this application.

With many peoples using online shopping service only to explore cool, new and trendy things all around the world, this online classifieds ads application has brought a change in users mind with providing them a marketplace to sell/buy the used goods. With this user are greatly benefiting, when they are in need to buy some product they may well look upon these sites and buy products within their budget. So this has provided an option for people to buy products easily rather always depending on buying a new one, which may not fit their budget.

Business opportunity with a Classified script

With a large number of people trying their best to stick to the trend for all their belongings, they may look to sell their older/used products. People have shown a lot of interest to use this application and so the user base is increasing than what developers of those app thought. So it is providing an open opportunity for entrepreneurs to do business with their own Online classifieds app.

Joysale- Carousell clone script is an online classifieds ads app from the developers of appkodes to help the entrepreneurs, who are with a desire to set up their business with the online classified app.

How Joysale works?

  • Both buyers and sellers have to register for the application.
  • Sellers can list the products which they have to sell and buyers can search and find the products which they need from those listings from multiple sellers.
  • In case if any sellers like to sell his product urgently, then he is provided with the useful option of Ad and urgent promotion to attract buyers immediately for that product. The sellers have to pay an admin to avail this feature.
  • Buyers have an option of negotiating with the seller for buying the products with options to make an offer and exchange to buy.
  • Once the order is placed by the buyer to buy a product from a seller, the seller will send the product to a buyer.
  • Admin will receive the payment from the buyer for the order, deducts his commission for sale and then sends money to the seller.
  • Revenue for admin is from commissions from each sale, Google Adsense, Ad and urgent promotions.


Joysale is an open source application that can be endlessly customizable, comes with the readily available app in the platform of iOs and Android. This helps entrepreneurs to capture the local market immediately and be successful.

Joysale – Advanced Classifieds Script Comes With 40% Offer

Joysale - Advanced Classifieds Script Comes With 40% Offer

An application provided by appkodes named Joysale- an online classified ads script which comes with a native iOs and Android application. Joysale is an online application for posting classified ads with mobile application gives a great business opportunity for any entrepreneurs. Appkodes is now providing 40% offer on ultimate product of Joysale from 21st may to 15th June. Start to biz by availing this amazing offer from Appkodes.

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Here Is What You Should Know About Your Online Business With Classifieds Ads Script

Technology evolving at a fast pace has brought the classifieds ads application to sell/buy the used products. With many enterprises like carousell, wallapop, depop, 5miles, offerup etc are being successful in the field of online classifieds ads business, this has stimulated the interests of many entrepreneurs and startups to do their online business with classifieds ads script.

What is classifieds ads script?

Buy and sell

 Classified ads script provides a platform for refurbished product sellers to meet the interested buyers. By providing a right marketplace for users to sell/buy the used goods around their locality your site can become a reliable option for more users.

Business model of classifieds ads script

Classifieds ads script has benefits for all involved in it, in the way

  • Where anyone can list the products/service they have for sale with clear images.
  • Buyers can explore the products from the list.
  • Product/service listing is absolutely free and options to promote listings with the paid option.
  • Buyer can exchange & buy and make an offer to a seller for buying the products.
  • Seller and buyer can interact to make a deal.
  • Upon placing an order seller will provide the product to the buyer.
  • Admin will manage users, operation in site and deducts his commission from sales made on the site then sends money to the seller.

How classifieds ads script makes money?

This online business generates revenue for you in multiple ways

  • AD and Urgent promotions

You can provide your users on the site with two best options. AD promotions to attract buyers for the products they sell and to quickly sell the products can avail urgent promotion, both at a specific cost. This will generate more revenue for you among other options.

  • Seller basis commission

You can earn from the commission with sales made on the site. You can have fixed commission rate or hierarchy based on the price of sales. When a sale is made on your site, you will receive the payment from buyer then you can deduct your commission for the sale and then you could send it to the seller.

  • Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a banner space to promote seller products to increase sales in the site, provides you the additional way in generating revenue. Sellers can avail banners on the site to promote their products at specific costs with requesting the admin.

Classified ads script by appkodes


 Joysale is an online classifieds ads script by Appkodes to bring your ideas to start classifieds ads business into reality. Joysale with its attractive features will be the best choice for your idea of classifieds ads business. Joysale is an app with open source code and so it can be shaped and customized according to your every need. Joysale comes with native ios, Android app that helps you to start your online business immediately.

Structure and Advantages of PHP Classifieds Script                               

PHP classified scripts is the best domain for online business like business to business and business to customer…because it is full of capable to provide outstanding connectivity supports via technical outward appearance.

The basic demands for classifieds scripts rise from the marketplace because it access with reasonable capital and able to have maximum return rather than investment (ROI).

Letgo Clone Script - Joysale

Classified script

~ PHP classifieds script consent to produce and manage your own classifieds website by selling or buying necessity.

~ Build your own powerful PHP classifieds script and Start your own website with our management tools and custom fields you can create any kind of marketplace via endless designs.

~ Classified ads script Php has more features which help you to build an appealing classifieds portal with best classifieds themes.

~ We have built our Classified Ads Script website with Search Engine Friendly structure so that user can easily post their ads on related categories.

~ Endless features design is the best class custom design which built for attraction among the respective fields.

Advantages of PHP Classifieds scripts

PHP classifieds scripts are wide range in spreading the benefits in and around online business. Just make available features kick up your business needs because it is always updated as the recent trends emerges with this field.

Always pre-made applications will be suitable for start-up and it will always be the best of modifying the features based upon business needs and through having defined pattern seems there is no need to set particular pattern for your own business.

~ Customisable business needs

Everyone wants to get their own unique identity. Commerce scripts create the just right site for your business plan else needs to customise with default features, personal brand etc…

The purpose can be customized entirely according to your business needs.

~ Mobile templates

The script features fully integrated dynamic layout with the main online version, but particularly planned for the mobile devices. Now you can stay in control even when you are away from your desk.

~ Multiple options

Multiple options means to be multiple supports like multiple currency support which makes your business support all over the world currencies and values little bit more that your expected business revenue.

As well multiple languages which are very important to handle all over the business flow in globally and with best timely basis. Sure it will work to generate to have maximum returns of investments after being your new business.

Similar to multiple products supports…multi lingual… multi currency…

This feature allows you to run web application in multiple languages.

~ Unlimited merchant accounts

PHP ecommerce script enlarges your capability to build boundless membership packages on the observance control of overseeing ecommerce functionality of imminent merchants.

Consequently you can create plentiful membership plans or packages with various options beneath diverse customized descriptions. It makes real sense of packaging to your visitors and ensures better return on investment (ROI) though it supports endless offers.

~ Listing packages with customisable

Listing prepares the choices which differ in diverse fields like price and available data and comparison list among similar products with various brands, features ads with different backgrounds and admin approval like these options can be managed.

Having dissimilar packages can increase the profits of the website owner by offering the services to the customers they need.

~ Clout to search

Ecommerce scripts plays with multiple choices and products which are commonly categorised with specific listings. When going with large number user grouped to be in common website this sometimes create faults be error or unresponsive.

To avoid this well planned concept of powerful and efficient search with sorting algorithm is in default in Php classified script.  This will give a feel high power intelligent feel to search which will allow the most accurate good or product you are looking for as well from user side within a short span of time.

Right now Appkodes is providing 40% offer in price from 21st May to 15th June for its Joysale ultimate product. Be quick and start to biz with availing this amazing offer.

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Joysale- Earn More By Owning a Classifieds ads Script


Joysale- Earn More By Owning a Classifieds ads Script

Joysale app by Appkodes is a classified ads script which helps to start your own online classifieds ads business. Appkodes is now providing 40% offer on ultimate product of Joysale from 21st may to 15th June. Start to biz by availing this amazing offer from Appkodes.

Feel free to contact


mail : info@hitasoft.com. Skype : live:appkodesales