How To Make Your Suppliers Like You With Buy and Sell Script

Did y our customers, suppliers and employees like you? Did they know you? Did they trust you? If so, you could get more done with less. If not, it would cost you significantly more money and limit your opportunities to grow.So here are few simple thoughts to make your suppliers like you.

Pay them on time

That should be rules 1 to 10 of maintaining good relationships with your vendors.

Know You’re Not The Only Customer

Retailers have a lot of competitors, and wholesalers may be serving both your business and your competitors.It’s also important to keep in mind that, just like you, suppliers are in the business of making money. You should acknowledge that if you’re new to a relationship with a supplier, you can’t expect the same level of attention they give to other established accounts. However, in time you can create a mutually beneficial working relationship.

Build a Good Relationship With Your Suppliers

One of the greatest lessons we have to learn during our adventures creating a top-selling brand was to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes. Sounds simple. But it’s not. Because, one had to probe deeply to find out what each group wanted. What you think is not gonna happen always except one or two. Ask tons of questions to suppliers, to understand their needs and help them achieve their goals.

Mostly suppliers’ top concern was getting paid, and getting paid on time. Sure, that was a big factor, but anyone can discover other, more subtle interests they were just as keen on.


Be honest with your suppliers

If you have specific needs that aren’t being met, let them know. If quality slips, give them feedback. If you are exacting about quality, then you have high standards that need to be met, and your suppliers will work with you to meet those standards.

Sample often and give feedback

Chances are, if you like the way one of your suppliers does one thing, you will like the way they do something else. And if you are looking for a new product or ingredient, it is always easiest to ask your current suppliers about it first.

Share Information

Keep your suppliers aware of changes that are going on in your company. Let them know if there have been any changes in key personnel, if you are planning to release new products, special promotions and so on. Many times, you’ll find that good suppliers can help you find new customers.

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