Is Wanelo The Most Trending Thing Now?



Wanelo clone,the powerful ecommerce platform with the power of social media taking it to the next level called social commerce which allows you to start your own social media commerce website. Socibuy has really shifted toward commerce as their business model. Anybody can turn out to be a successful entrepreneur.


Appkodes  Wanelo Clone Script is very perfect and have a whole lot of competing features when you make this social buy. This ecommerce multi vendor script has been made keeping the requirements of several vendors in mind.


Business Model :


Usually Wanelo Clone websites drive traffic to online retailers’ websites and get commission for the referral.It is on these ecommerce portals where you see people adding products, commenting under products or sharing products with friends. The growth is powered by affiliate revenue. You have to focus on buyers, rather than sellers, and strive to give users a rich social media experience to make a clone successful. Instead of creating online store, think of creating a place where people can organize all their shopping, stay connected with their friends and favorite brands/products.


Make your users to find products quickly:


  • It’s always much appreciable to let users to search on various aspects,
  • Some users love following top peoples in the marketplace, Socibuy allows the users to follow top people and top stores.
  • Hot products, a set of products which gets sorted on the number of times the product saved.
  • The wanelo clone allows users to view most recently added products in the “Just added” tab.


Socibuy have the best implementation of an e-commerce marketplace. Its features users an option to click “I want to sell it” which enables them to sign-up as a vendor of said product.  For these items, they also have suggested similar items (see “Buy this instead” button) to push you to something you can buy from them.  


Here is a list of few more features to add to your stores. Make sure you get them while buying  a clone script.


  • Edit product details and availability
  • Option to create collections
  • Interaction features to help stores engage with contributors and fans
  • Run contests to increase their brand engagement


This seems to suggest they’re only a marketplace, but without any inside info it seems to me that they could very well be doing some portion of their selling-items as a retailer.  In other words, it’s not always individuals that signed up to sell an item (marketplace model), but Socibuy could probably strike partnerships with bigger vendors to have them exclusively fulfill certain items, likely drop-shipping.



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