How Marketplace Clone Scripts Makes You Feel Good



Build your own marketplace clone script that resembles Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Flipkart, etc. The app with its multi vendor and product management scripting makes ecommerce business management a breeze through. marketplace clone script is an apt choice for businesses that want to launch ecommerce websites for b2c segments. The responsive web design ensures that no business possibility is eliminated and it also goes a long way in enhancing user experience. More reasons for admins to cheer as the marketplace clone script comes with several impressive add-ons like social media logins, payment gateway integration; all free of cost.


Good Opportunity For Private Seller :


This is another new module which presents good opportunity for private seller to start your own auction website. Few other sites offer such an option due to the flow of the auction sale which difficult and costly for development. The marketplace clone script works nice and smooth and is cost-effective for adding auction capability to your website by simply uploading the files required and enabling the installed module. The Digital Marketplace module developed to deliver option for offering tangible products or files into marketplace based scripts. Have you ever desired expanding of your business and being among the early birds have all the selling options available on your website? Our marketplace clone script is here. Based on this revolutionary add-on, your vendors can now sell both tangible products and files all in the same marketplace!

Featured Items Module

This excellent monetization tool is useful to both – the site admin and his paying customers. Once installed, this module allows to the members of your website to purchase subscriptions for promotion their posts and products to the top of the home page. Any product which is featured appears at the top of the category page in which belongs.

Geolocation Module

Having your marketplace clone script on the global network, users all over the world will be seeing it, literally from everywhere. Purchase and install our Geolocation module and your users will have opportunity to share their location through the browser and the system automatically resolve the location based on the visitor’s IP address in order to publish items in local currency and close to the visitor’s location.

Power User Module

The Power user module in marketplace clone script offers an automated solution for charging user privileges and update permissions. Any user may select a suitable package and then pays for it via PayPal. As soon as the payment is confirmed – the user will be automatically upgraded to Power user status. The process is automated so no manual actions required during the whole process.


Distinct Features of Multi Vendor Script

Intuitive seller dashboard

Have all the information you require in a single window. Know your best-selling products, sales high points and low points, sales trends and much more from a single source.


Quick view feature

Gain quick sales orders with the Ajax enabled quick view feature. Quick view enables users to add products to their shopping carts instantly with minimal steps.


Custom attributes

Set up custom attributes for sellers to select while new products are added to their portfolio.
Order management

Have complete control over orders with seller wise order management. Know how many orders are pending seller-wise, status-wise and during a specific time range.



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