Five Brilliant Ways To Advertise Garage Sale Finder

Five Brilliant Ways To Advertise Garage Sale Finder

Garage Sale Finder gives you the tools you need to research sales near you. Along with garage sales, many of our listings are moving sales, community yard sales, multi-family sales and city-wide garage sales.

Why Entreprenuers Should List Here?

Garage Sale Finder is one of the best and most popular ways to find and map garage sales that you’d like to visit. So Entreprenuers definitely want to be listed here.. Sure photos might help your yard sale online ad a little bitThe Garage Sales and Yard Sales websites also offer people the ability to either advertise a sale or find one in their specific areas. In order to post or view sales at Yard Sales, it is necessary to signup for a free account.


Five Brilliant Ways To Advertise Garage Sale Finder

  • You can also post up to 50 photos for free with your online ad. For the record, we didn’t post any photos for my garage sale. We meant to post a picture of all the lawn & garden equipment we were selling but I just never got around to it


  • If you’re going to post photos, We would encourage you to post individual photos of your biggest/best items, rather than posting pictures of “stuff on tables” that will be for sale


  • If possible, double-space between each item you list in your yard sale ad. The end result is a long list of individual items, rather than a long paragraph of items run together.


  • Give your garage sale ad a catchy headline. Here are a bunch of yard sale headlines to help you think of a creative headline for your own yard sale ad.


  • Don’t list everything that you’re selling — just the most expensive, popular, and well-known items that will catch peoples’ attention. While collectibles typically don’t sell well at garage sales… if you’re very specific about the collectibles you’re selling in your ad, then you are more likely to get some people who actually collect those items at your yard sale.

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