How Classified Apps Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies

When you think about the fastest growing areas for startup investments, you probably don’t think about Classified app. It’s understandable; after all, the classified ad industry has barely innovated. Classified app allows you to easily operate a classified advertising system for your community. The system can be seamlessly embedded on your website and is entirely self-managed with three separate interfaces for the public, advertisers, and administrators.


Ideas for Enhancement:

  • Classified app Localize the application for any region (language, currency, date and number formatting, time zone, etc.).
  • Add Distance Search to filter and sort results based on the distance from the user’s location.
  • Classified app automatically expire ads after a certain number of days.
  • Modify or add alternative ways of displaying ads.

Some Fancy New Things:

  • You can now save your preferred sort order with your saved search – order them by most recently posted, the lowest priced items, etc.
  • Classified app gave the listing detail pages a makeover: quickly access contact information so you can be the first to call about that vintage comic book you found
  • Post your listing to Classified app + share on Pinterest simultaneously = more exposure for your stuff
  • And some general bug fixes to tidy up the joint

Standard Features :

  • Ads are displayed in an easy-to-use search interface with optional category filters.
  • Includes a self-registration form for advertisers.
  • Advertisers can submit new ads that must be verified by an admin before publishing.
  • The admin can manage advertisers, approve and reject ads, and leave internal comments for advertisers.
  • Supports unlimited public visitors, advertisers, and administrators.

Features :

  • Post items for sale in seconds – list faster, sell quicker
  • Buy locally – shop for new and used items near you
  • Find your next car – thousands of new and used cars posted every day
  • View for rent and for sale properties in our Homes section
  • Browse local job opportunities and submit your resume directly from the app

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