Effective Problem With Vacation  Renters script Websites

Property information

Renters script , aware of Every hotel company worth its salt knows it has to present photos of the hotel room , exterior, important features (pool, beachfront, rooftop deck, pistes) and possibly the surrounding area if it’s a selling point Front exterior view

  • Terrace/balcony view
  • Living room
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Baths
  • Neighborhood


The more photos presented, the more confident I am in the validity of the listing. I also want to see a text description of the property, and it doesn’t matter if the text is in a language I don’t speak.

There are enough free online translators now that I can get a decent idea of what the property owner is trying to say.

As with photographs, the more text I can read, the more confident I am that the listing is valid and just might meet my needs.  It also shows me the owner or manager cares about the property and about communicating the value of that property to me, the buyer.

Site navigation

Some sites like Renters script, to their credit, had filters on their left navbars but these filters are worth if the properties are tagged correctly in the database.

  • If Customer ask for a detached villa or chalet (and the site allows them to ask for that), They do want to see an apartment.

Structure Payment Options

If the tenant has cash flow problems, the most effective rent-collecting method is to structure payment options. As a Entrepreneur you should recognize that people occasionally struggle with bills, so you can try implementing a policy of accepting a partial payment from a resident once after their visits. Another good way to collect is to prorate the late fees and delinquent rent over the remainder of the tenant’s extension of stays.

Cross-site listings

Renters script allows small property owners who list their properties on multiple sites, but what will be happen is, the same property is represented differently on different sites, when photos or availability calendars don’t match?

In almost every case, if a property owner had taken the time (and spent the money) to build their own site, the information on that site was generally much more extensive and useful.

But  buyer,  don’t want to visit 30 different sites to see all the properties that might meet their needs. These can be a site that aggregates data; it’s quicker for me to find what I want. In theory, anyway.


Availability – the worst offense

Renters script  offer a calendar function then allow the property owner to ignore it?. Renters script sites are now showing a “last updated” date on the calendar so I can see that the calendar was last updated three months ago and come to my own conclusions.

If the owner refuses to use a calendar, or hasn’t updated it recently hide the calendar and indicate up front that the owner must be contacted for availability. That allows me to decide if I have the time to follow up with that owner.

Acknowledgement of inquiry

Some of the bigger sites send an automatic acknowledgement of receipt of inquiry.  That’s nice, but it doesn’t help me understand if the property is available.

A majority of Customer inquiries went totally unacknowledged – that’s right, a majority. That is no way to do business.

Real-time booking

It’s still very rare to come across real-time Renters script for vacation rentals, but it’s happening more and more often on management company websites And it’s a blessing.  If customer willing to take the risk of booking online after viewing your beautiful site with lots of photos and information. Please.

understand there will be regional differences, but ultimately it’s still just a unit of inventory to be displayed and booked like air, rental cars, hotels or cruises.

It’s clear this is one of the reasons the vacation rental industry suffers from an occupancy rate in the 30s instead of in the 70s like the hotel industry.



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