Future Module For Advanced Classifieds Script :


Advanced Classifieds Script responsive feature provides an optimal viewing experience-easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling-across a wide range of devices.

Advanced Search

This Advanced Classifieds Script module allows visitors to make overall searches of your classifieds ads.User can search by locations, categories, extra fields, promotions, memberships, tags and price..

Category Filter

Using slider and range selectors you can easily create a filter for ads of a listing type or a category based on the most important criteria.

Custom Fields

Many extra fields can be added to a category that collects detailed information about a product. This feature helps your user when they filter ads in Jom Classifieds Search module.


With the booking option your users will be able to show availability of their ads on a calendar and set rate ranges for a particular time period.

Custom Locations

Unlimited locations and its sub locations can be added which is used to denote the advertiser’s locality. Total number of adverts in each location will be shown in Jom Classifieds Map Module.

Listings Navigation

A simple add-on for switching between previous and next ads in categories and search results page offering a back-to-search-results link.

Posting Ads in Steps

Posting ads is divided into clear steps displayed on separate pages to avoid confusion and omission of important data.

Custom Subcategories

With this feature enabled users are able to add custom subcategories from the user interface if a required subcategory is not available.

Keyword Search

Advanced Classifieds Script is a fast way to search by keywords based on options selected with results highlighted in yellow. You also can add it to advanced search.

Payment Gateways

Advanced Classifieds Script comes with a dozen of the most popular pre-integrated payment gateways so you can easily monetize your site with a few clicks.

Quick Favorites

Even if your users are not logged in or registered they will still be able to add ads to Quick Favorites by clicking on the star icon.


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