Entrepreneurs looking for 5miles app clone

Nowadays you would came across many successful articles and stories on many online classifieds web and apps success stories. One among the popular online classifieds mobile app is “5miles” based on US launched on 2014, which raised $30 million. You can check its evolution and histories from this url. 5miles Clone script did something effective in user-friendliness of the website for a hassle free experience.

Why 5miles app:

The important factor 5miles app ensured that they want to create a hassle free online classifieds app on the go.

5miles app allows the merchandise to add their listing on sale, services, housing and jobs separately to ease the user’s search activity to find stuffs quickly.

Thus the platform has interactive way of buy and sell stuffs.

List your stuffs instantly:

To add your listing pick a snap of your product then upload the listing from your app with the product’s condition and specifications. Just in few quick steps, not more than a minute your ad listing will be visible to the buyers. The best part is now you can share your added listing to facebook also.

Some additional interesting features on interactivity:

Geo and location based app lets the buyer to find products in their locality. Buyers can quote their my offer price on any product they want and buyers can chat with the sellers to quickly with chat options. Why not products from classifieds to be saved or add into a list for later retrieval. This app has the Wish List or like feature, so the buyer can like or save the product and the same can be viewed back under ‘likes’. Users can find products on filters like distance in miles with price and sort order.

5miles Mobile app:

As the mobile apps plays the vital role in this classifieds prototype. Online classifieds should be location based so that users can find products handy wherever they are.

5miles provide Android and IOS app for the mobile users to upload or add their listings and to manage them handy in their locality too.

After going through all these effective functionality which level up the classifieds trends which fits the potential entrepreneurs. We are backing the online enterpreneurs to launch similar type of online classifieds business on 5miles app clone. Joysale is going to be a rock star in online classifieds business model as its carefully crafted with all the latest technology and extra-ordinary features with a new form and new style.


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