How does classifieds system can drive profits?

As we have studied various earnings options from online classifieds website and app, lets do a quick calculation of how much money one can earn in a month. Lets create the list of factors that earns money for administrator.

  • Featured listings
  • Urgent Listings
  • Premium membership plan
  • AdMob or any mobile app ads
  • Google Adsense integration with websites

Considering these factors, on an average if the website receives 10,000 users in a month,

  • Nearly 80% of the users will try to post ads for free which means 8,000 users.
  • Around 10% of users may try to mark their listing as “Featured”
  • Around 5% of users may try to mark their listing as “Urgent”
  • Nearly around 2% users may want to go with the premium membership

With the above stats, when we consider the following prices for different options,

  • 5$ for Featured listings brings 400$ USD
  • 3$ for “Urgent” listings brings  120$ USD
  • 8$ for premium members may bring 1280$
  • With around  5000 impression of ads you can earn minimum 250$ USD from the apps and website

Based on the above calculation the complete system can bring around $2050 USD in month and profit may go higher when your website becomes more popular.

Launch your own online classifieds web and app now!13680496_1662371380754561_8987132748458528053_n


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